Personal Training

There is nothing more important than an individuals health & fitness. What you do now and the way you treat your body, will dictate your health/well-being for the rest of your life. With Mike’s training plans and a proactive attitude, a fitter you is closer than you think.

It is a fact that nobody pushes themselves as hard than when committing to personal training and if you don’t believe me, TRY IT! Whether you are looking for extra motivation or for a tailored training program and dietary regime, Mike, a highly qualified professional can help you today.

Regardless of your current level of fitness, there is no goal out of reach, and with the right amount of effort and dedication you decide the outcome. Mike prides himself on achieving great results both physically and mentally, and through a variety of proven methods such as TRX Suspension Training, HIIT, Pad Work, Core Circuits, S&C etc. he aims to deliver just that.

1-2-1 personal training sessions have been proven to be the most successful way of developing your health through exercise and delivering results. Through an effective relationship with Mike as your personal trainer, you will progress your training beyond your perceived capabilities, develop self confidence within gyms, change poor nutrition choices to the right ones and ultimately achieve positive results.


Pricing for personal training sessions

Single sessions

This 1-2-1 training session is a great way of improving specific exercise techniques. Use as a motivation tool, for specific guidance or testing your rapport with Mike before further commitment. Each personal training session is an hour long and are specific to your goal/target with various options to move forward.

12 sessions

A popular package. With it you’ll benefit from a body composition assessment (body fat %, muscle mass etc.), a 6-12 week diet plan, supplement advice, a bag of protein/supps (goal dependent) as well as the 10 personal training sessions with Mike. This Package is perfect for all short to mid-term goals (Dependent on sessions per week)

Travel expenses may be added to session packages depended on location

20 sessions

If change is what your looking for this package is perfect for a complete body transformation. With these sessions you’ll benefit from a customised diet regime and weekly body composition assessments along with the 20 personal training sessions with Mike. Guaranteed to get results fast!

Group Sessions
2 people – £70
3 people – £85
4 people – £100

Group sessions are the most cost effective way of training. Surrounded by the support of your friends, there is no better way to train. These sessions are an hour long and include body composition tests, measurements, diet plans and the training sessions.

  • All sessions are an hour long unless specified or agreed otherwise
  • All sessions are set to expire subject to chosen package
  • All sessions will be delivered by the same personal trainer (MIKE)
  • All sessions are non-refundable

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