Training services

Triathlon Training

Targeting your endurance systems. Tailoring your race, finding your strengths and weaknesses in swimming, cycling and running. Fine tuning your race plan to achieve optimal performance.

Marathon & 10k Prep

Whether its the London Marathon or 10k walk for charity it is vital you prepare appropriately and train properly to give yourself the best chance of success. With a pre-event tailored programme you’ll do just that, succeed.

Weight Management

With obesity rapidly rising in the UK, monitoring your own health has never been so important. Regular exercise will decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, coronary heart diseases and other risk factors.

Body Building

Build muscle, sculpt your body shape and decrease body fat. With progressive training & a strict diet regime from Mike, you’ll benefit from a variety of training methods and lean gains.

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training

Wanting to push yourself to the limits and increase your cardio to impressive levels. H.I.I.T is a great way of burning fat whilst exercising intensely using various types of training.


One of the best ways to train if you suffer from boredom. Combining a number of full body and core exercises infused with a high intensity cardio. Great for burning those last bits of body fat.

Boxing Pad Work

Using boxing pads with circuits as a source of cardio as well as upper body strength. This is an exciting way to let of some steam and have a great workout without the use of conventional cardio machines.

TRX Functional Training

Designed to increase balance and core stability the TRX straps are a piece of equipment that uses solely your body weight. It can be used anywhere and is very multi-functional.

Core Stability & Balance

Your core is your centre mass and effects every movement your body makes. Increase strength here and you’ll benefit in every other area of exercise as a whole.

Injury rehabilitation

Progress and recover with a custom plan tailored to help you redevelop strength of muscles, range of movement and increase joint mobilisation.

Pre & Post Natal

Exercise appropriately leading up to and after your pregnancy. With safe advise on what exercises are and are not appropriate for your body. This is a great way of getting back into shape and lose that baby fat.

Strength & Conditioning

This is the best way to prepare yourself specifically for your sport/event. Targeting muscle groups directly related to your sport/event. Increasing your efficiency and attain optimal performance.

Strongman Training

Looking to increase power, speed and endurance, using an array of functional equipment such as tyres, sleds, ropes, boulders and more, you’ll increase just that.

Wedding Packages

For (either/both) groom and bride to be, using a range of training methods and a proven wedding diet plan there is no better way to getting in shape for your big day. Whether is a few pounds or a little more, Mike will have you feeling confident and looking awesome on your special day.

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