Two and a half years ago I was hospitalised after contracting a rare tropical disease which left me with damaged lungs. I slipped into a lazy lifestyle and convinced myself I didn’t need to do much exercise. I wasn’t careful about what I ate and consequently got myself into pretty bad shape.

In October 2014 I decided enough was enough. I had heard good things about Sterne Performance and decided to go for an introductory session with Michael. Knowing that I had zero will power or motivation to give myself the kick up the ass that I needed I thought personal training was the only solution. I was right!

I’m 15 weeks into my sessions with Michael and I can honestly say he’s changed my life. I am strong, fit and so much more confident. He has made me feel proud of my achievements and has completely transformed the way I think about exercise and diet.

Not only have I seen a huge physical difference, I am a happier and more energised person. I honestly can’t believe how far I’ve come with Michael’s guidance and support.

His approach is always supportive and well informed. I can always rely on Michael to push me but I know that he understands my limits better than I do! I have gone from being unable to do 2 mins on the running machine to now running 4 miles 3 times a week and lifting weights I could have only dreamed of.

If you are looking for someone who can give you not only a great one on one session in the gym but also guidance and help with diet and lifestyle changes to achieve whatever your goals are, Michael is the PT for you. I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me.


Michael and I have been good friends for a few years now and I have seen him establish himself as a popular personal trainer known for his results. It was his motivation and commitment that encouraged me to take up personal training sessions with him. Leading by example Michael will never settle for second best and he continues to push me to my limits in every session. I have started working with him since September 2014 and seen my fitness increase to a level that I was unaware my body was capable of. This is why having reached all my short term goals I am 110% confident that we can work together in the long term and achieve great things.


From the very first meet with Mike I knew he was the trainer for me. With an apparent easy going personality and big smile I knew we’d get along. Not being the keenest on exercise, he made me feel comfortable with my goals and myself. We spoke about how to infuse getting myself fit with stuff I liked doing and that’s where we decided boxing-fit was for me. Initially I didn’t have much experience boxing but through Mike’s easy teaching methods i soon picked it up and boy was it a workout! Our sessions were very enjoyable and I looked forward to beating him up on a weekly basis. Mike is enthusiastic and hard working and I’d recommend him to any woman that’s wants to box and lose weight fast!


Jashu, June 2014

Mike is an experienced, patient trainer with a great sense of humour and personality. He is a passionate, sports loving person which is reflected in his training. Mike understands and recognises my weaknesses and addresses them by personalising the exercises and making them enjoyable and fun. He has helped me to remain focussed, positive and self-disciplined. I feel healthier, energetic and motivated to train in the gym on my own as well as continue with PT sessions to attain new targets and maintain my personal wellbeing. Mike makes the weekly session hour seem too short and infrequent and that is really saying something from someone who has never been keen on exercising.

Jennifer, August 2013

On my mission to become fit and healthy I looked towards Personal Training and have never looked back. Michael’s energy and enthusiasm throughout our sessions has helped me to achieve a level of fitness that I never thought possible. Always pushing me further he regularly introduces new exercises and equipment to keep me motivated. Over the first few sessions he’d shown me that exercise can be fun as well as challenging. I would recommend Michael to anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness and health, whilst dropping a few dress sizes in the progress – he gets results fast!

Bev, Dec 2014

Mike is a fantastic PT. He’s supportive, encouraging and everything I needed in a trainer. He tailored every session around my specific needs and I fastly saw myself improve with many exercises. He set me targets beyond what I thought capable. Turns out I’m fitter than i had thought. With his nutritional advice and diet plans I dropped nearly 10% body fat and a few dress sizes too. I felt that he really catered to my lifestyle and I have really noticed the difference in myself since I’ve had Mike as a trainer. I can’t recommend him enough!

Carlo, Jan 15

Having trained with Mike for some time now when I look back and I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure. Not only is Mike everything you need in a PT but also we’ve genuinely become friends along the way. With loads of weird stories and his knowledge in nutrition his diet plans have been effective and when asked for new gym routines to do on my own he delivered without any fuss. He seems to have the ability to gently motivate me to do things I’d never thought I’d do making me feel more comfortable with my weight. Mike is a superb trainer, whom I cannot recommend enough.

Cath, Feb 15

I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into when I signed up with Mike and at 45 thought I was probably beyond hope! However 6 months later I am fitter than I probably have ever been, have more energy and have significantly changed my body shape reducing my body fat to 21%. Mike is always enthusiastic and always has a smile on his face even during those sessions when I wasn’t very motivated. The sessions were hugely varied so I didn’t get bored and Mike ensured that the level was upped each week to push me a little further. His encouragement pushed me beyond what I thought I could achieve but I never felt I was being made to do something I didn’t want to do. The additional support with my diet and a variety of gym programmes for when I worked out on my own helped us reach our goal! Thanks to Mike I now enjoy exercising and I have confidence in the gym to use equipment I would never have gone near in the past. Several of my friends have commented that they need a Mike in their life too!

Zoey, Aug 14

I spent around 9 months training with Mike and in that time he had a positive impact on my level of fitness, body confidence and posture. Mike is one of those rare people who loves exercise and is enthusiastic about it without preaching. His enthusiasm is infectious and I looked forward to our sessions, even after a long day at work. Mike is not your stereotypical, robotic or bullying personal trainer. He injects life into the training sessions with his sense of humour and uses a variety of methods to get you to push yourself harder; I think Mike figured out fairly early on that my refusal to be beaten was the key to making me work harder. It was with regret that I had to stop training with Mike, but his impact on my life means that I will continue to build my fitness and I have set myself new exercise goals for the future.

Amanda, May 2014

Before I started my sessions with Mike I was struggling to lose weight and stay motivated at the gym. Having been teased because of my shape in my childhood and having problems with coordination, I always felt unconfident at the gym. Within weeks Mike turned things around for me, with his infectious enthusiasm and fun approach. Not only have I lost weight, but also he’s helped me challenge every assumption I had about what I could achieve or do physically. As a result my confidence has soared and now I can’t imagine a life without exercise. At nearly 40, I never dreamt that I’d be the fittest and slimmest I’ve been in my life, have a metabolic age of a 23 year old, be a size 10 and be able to squat and deadlift more than my body weight! I can never thank Mike enough!

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