Healthy eating plans

‘Everyone is different so why do we eat so similar?’

It’s no secret that achieving your goal through exercise alone is extremely rare. In fact the majority of health and fitness professionals believe that an average goal consists of 70-80% diet. Knowing this, it is imperative that you get this part right!

You should train as hard as you can when in the gym but then it is important to put equally as much effort in when it comes to your diet. The dedication needed to achieve results isn’t easy but with enough commitment one of Mike’s healthy eating plans, anything is possible.

Within each session Mike aims to provide you with not just a diet plan to follow but also an explanation of what your diet is and why you eat what you do. Through a variety of methods he’ll change and monitor your progress throughout your health and fitness journey. The food you eat will compliment your training schedule and successfully aid your goal. Rather than a temporary fix, together you will try to build a dietary structure to specifically suit your body that will last.


Nutrition Options

Dietary consultation

This is a chance to sit down with Mike and thoroughly breakdown your diet, making the necessary changes to assist in achieving your goal. Regardless of your current health status this is a fantastic route to start fresh or enhance pre-existing gains. With this session you’ll get a diet plan, with an agreed exercise schedule and other hints and tips to progress further.

Diet Plan (8-12 week)

This plan is designed to match your specific nutritional needs with your exercise/training schedule. Whether it’s lean bulking, cutting or toning/slimming this comprehensive package of dietary guidance will help you achieve just that. Incorporating all elements of food from high quality proteins to the necessary vitamins & minerals needed for success. This plan also includes an optional progressive training regime to match.

Sport Specific Plan

Regardless of the sport or standard, your nutrition is a key element to determining your performance. Covering both your pre and post event requirements, why not aid your performance to gain optimal success in your sport/event. Whether it’s carb loading for a marathon, avoiding fatigue/cramp or simply the timing of meals before taking part. With this plan you’ll receive a consultative session with Mike and get a tailored plan to follow.

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